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In true Obama style he barely mentioned the one thing on most of the world’s mind.  He hardly mentioned the rising cancer of Muslim terrorism.  I realize not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are Muslim.  The same can be said for NAZI Germany.  Not all Germans were NAZIs but they still caused unimagined damage to the world.  He, actually, never mentioned Al Qaeda.  He, obviously, lives in a different world than the rest of us.
Joni Ernst did a fairly good job with the Republican response.  She promised a new tone in Congress.  She had better be right.  Republicans in Washington have two years to undo Obama’s mess and prove they can do a better job of governing than the Democrats. 

The people of America are frustrated and tired of mealy mouth, squishy politicians who talk tough to get elected but  then turn into marshmallows when elected.  Republicans delivered a resounding victory but mark my words, what the people have given, can be taken away just as easily.  We are desperate for someone who will take a principled stand and stick to it.  We want someone with the guts to stand up to Obama.  Congress hasn’t shown very much backbone in handcuffing Obama’s power grabs.
Obama has shown he is an unprincipled ideologue who doesn’t care what anyone thinks,  who will do anything and say anything to get his way.  He showed it again tonight, in spite of a few throw away lines spouting promises of cooperation.  He has to be stopped and if the Republicans won’t do it, we will find someone else who will.

In my many years I have come to a
conclusion that one useless man 
is a shame, two is a law firm, 
and three or more is a congress. 

— John Adams



Vic Landry

Vic Landry is a Government Major, Mensa Member and Robertson, County, TX Tea Party President.