STAND TOGETHER and Even Cattle Can Have Their Day

Written by ++++Allen on January 5, 2015

The idiom is “every dog has his day”, but I have a cow story. I have written before about how humans will also turn to a herd mentality in times of trouble. It’s nice to see that this herd of cows triumphed in its adversity, proving that even in nature, the food chain critter can also have its day in the sun too.

The group of pictures I received in an email was of a story as it unfolded. It all had started when a bear found out that his eyes where bigger than his stomach, since its prey was five times bigger than itself. The first picture in the series, shows a very observant female cow eye-balling the little, albeit gutsy bear, who was busily menu-scanning the other cows.

The following pictures show the female hero cow going into attack mode, who proceeds to take on the soon to be very sorry sore bear, by head butting and plain old stomping the now sorry-as-hell bear. After hero-cow put sorry-bear in a UFC submissive position, all the other once daydreaming cows, instead of waiting to be possibly individually victimized at a later date, banded together for their betterment, participating in a group stomping session on sorry-bear.

The above picture so clearly shows the aftermath of a cow whoop-ass. Finally the day of reckoning arrived for the mad-as-hell food-chain cows, who prevailed and conquered their enemy. The final picture (not included here) in the grouping, shows a very gimpy bear being escorted by the happy herd down the fields cattle path to the forest edge. This was a special day one black bear will never forget. Finally score one for the food-chain underdo.

Lesson learned: when food chain fodder stand together the enemy can be defeated.  Or at least the “bully” is wounded and put to flight. It’s good to be surrounded with the like-minded, hold your ground and take the enemy head-on, and you, too, can have your day in the sun.

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