TAKE THIS HIJAB AND SHOVE IT: Taxpayer-Funded School Celebrates Hijab Day

Will they also celebrate Clitoris Circumcision Day? Or Beat Your Wife Day? Or Suicide Vest Day?  Or Hang Gays Day? Reason #12,998.079,345 to home school your kids.

By Eric Owens, Daily Caller

Hijab Day happened at a taxpayer-funded charter school in the suburbs of Sacramento on Wednesday, Jan. 28. All female students — but only female students — were encouraged to wear Muslim headscarves.

The school is Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep in Natomas, Calif., local Fox affiliate KTXL reports.

Wednesday’s “NP3 Hijab Day” in Natomas was a student-organized event. School officials swear they neither encouraged nor stifled it.

The school and the school district began to receive criticism after Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch publicized a Hijab Day flyer sent to him by a reader.

Spencer claims that the student who organized Hijab Day at Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep has worked as an intern for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

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