TED CRUZ: ‘You Can’t Defeat Islamic Terrorism If You Can’t Say It’

Published on January 13, 2015

Makes sense to me but then again… I’m not a liberal.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R) said on Tuesday’s Fox & Friends that the world is lacking leadership to effectively fight the terrorist attacks occurring all over the world. He criticized President Obama for failing to attend the Unity Rally in Paris over the weekend.

“It was a very visual manifestation of what’s happened over six years. Over six years, America has receded from leadership in the world. And we saw it just this weekend as forty world leaders walking down the street in Paris and yet where is America, where is the president?”

The White House has not yet released the president’s activities for Sunday that prevented him from going to Paris. Senator Cruz slammed the president for not participating in the event when his presence would have demonstrated America’s support for France.

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