TOM BRADY’S HIGH SCHOOL COACH: ‘Tom Brady was slow as molasses and fat’

Published on January 31, 2015

High school coach tells how the Patriots star shunned cheerleaders, got stuffed in a locker and would never cheat.

Tom Brady was not only an all-star athlete at Junipero Serra High School – he was an all-around good guy and his coaches and friends believe the deflate-gate scandal is just a lot of hot air. They’re full of pride as their hometown hero gets set to play in the Super Bowl on Sunday.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Mail Online on the eve of the quarterback’s record sixth championship game, Brady’s high school football coach, Tom MacKenzie, 68, has high praise for Brady, and blames the NFL for the ‘inflate-gate’ brouhaha.

‘Seems that everybody and their brother feels comfortable making judgments with no real evidence. Do I think Tom Brady intentionally did something to lighten the balls? Of course not,’ says MacKenzie, who coached the player – now 37 – in his junior and senior years.

‘He was an all-American kid. He kept his nose clean. His parents expected him to represent the family name, be respectful, honest.

‘His parents did a great job raising him. He was the baby of the family but he was never spoiled and he learned to treat people the way he wanted to be treated.

‘I think he did a nice job of remembering where he came from. The only difference between the Tom Brady you see now and when I had him is that he was a teenager then. He’s a good player but he’s a far better person’

Mr Jose, now of San Jose, says that you can’t say that about too many athletes these days.

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