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VIDEO: Officer Sobs After Killing Unarmed Suspect

Sad stuff for all involved. That said, if a cop tells you to put your hands up… put your hands up.

Morrison shot Ramirez — who was a passenger, and later was found to be unarmed, in the back seat of a car — three times during an April 14, 2014, traffic stop in an alley off of Fifth Avenue South and State Avenue.

The seven-person jury deliberated for a little more than an hour to conclude the two-day inquest, which featured testimony from police officers, investigators, experts, witnesses and Morrison himself before concluding that Morrison’s actions were justified.

The verdict is a recommendation to the Yellowstone County Attorney’s Office, which has final say on whether to pursue charges in the case. County Attorney Scott Twito said after the inquest that it is unlikely his office will seek charges.

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(H/T Fox Insider)

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