YO, LADIES: Here Are 10 Things Your Husband Hates

Published on January 28, 2015

I know a poor man whose wife does all 10 to him on a regular basis. If you’re a carpy self-obsessed me-monkey witch, you will not like this article.

By Kimberly Wagner, True Woman

He hates when you throw him under the bus in public.

When you point out his faults, criticize, or correct him, you make him feel like an idiot in front of others—and that’s demeaning.

He hates when you remind him of his past failures.

It’s something that was settled long ago (or maybe just last week), and you just can’t seem to let it go. We’ve all failed.

He hates when you unload on him as soon as he walks in the door.

One thing I can’t stress to wives enough—HUG your man when he comes in from work! Greet him with a kiss and some love. Give him an encouraging word, and hold off on letting him know what a tough time you’ve had.

He hates when you expect him to be just like your girlfriend.

He’s probably not a crafter, a scrapbooker, or a fan of spending five hours at the mall. An afternoon in the nail salon is probably not his idea of fun.

He hates when you expect him to read your mind.

Just tell him. Don’t play those mind games where you’re thinking: If he really loved me, he’d know that I want him to . . . (fill in the blank). I wouldn’t have to tell him!

He hates when you treat him like your child.

When we talk to our husbands in the same tone we would use with our children, it is disrespectful. And that’s a sin.

He hates when you unload the big guns at 11 p.m.

Don’t wait until bedtime to bring up a topic of discussion that has the potential to put the two of you on opposite side of an all out battle until near dawn.

He hates when you compare him to that “perfect guy” at church.

Quit comparing him to other men—what good can come from you doing that? Why not ask God to open your eyes to see things that you’ve not yet appreciated about him?

He hates when you give him the silent treatment.

Whenever you use the silent treatment to manipulate him, it harms both of you. The silent treatment is a hostile punishment tool.

He hates when you use sex as a weapon.

Don’t withhold yourself to punish your husband, and don’t use your intimacy as a bribing technique.

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