AMERICAN SNIPER KILLER: Confession to Police, ‘I Had Taken a Couple of Souls’

Published on February 13, 2015

This guy was seriously off his rocker. Lets hope the justice system gives him what he deserves.

Retired Marine Eddie Routh, the man accused of murdering famed sniper Chris Kyle and his friend, confessed to police officers on camera that he had ‘taken a couple of souls’ and had more to take, it was revealed during his trial Thursday.

The body camera footage shows officers in Lancaster, near Dallas, trying to coax Routh from a pickup truck in the hours after Kyle and Chad Littlefield were found dead at a shooting range in February 2013.

The video played Thursday in Routh’s murder trial shows him negotiating with police while making comments like, ‘Anarchy has been killing the world.’

The 27-year-old also talked about voodoo, hell, and the apocalypse, and wondered aloud to the cops, ‘ I don’t know if I’m going insane.’

Routh eventually sped away from officers, who pursued and rammed the pickup before the suspect surrendered.

It also emerged on Day 2 of the trial that two hours after the alleged shooting, Routh drove Kyle’s pickup truck to a Taco Bell drive-through where he bought two burritos for $2.36. Prosecutors say the stop for a meal proves Routh was mentally competent when he killed Kyle and his friend.

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