Written by Paul Hair on February 8, 2015

Barack Obama denouncing Christians after Islamic terrorists murdered another person is just the latest example of his hatred for God and America, and it’s time for Congress to impeach him.

Frank J. Fleming wrote a column for Pajamas Media in 2009, commenting on left-wing writer Frank Schaeffer taking the failed Iranian uprising against the mullahs and turning it into an opportunity to denounce Republicans and Christians.

It takes a certain kind of sociopath to witness great tragedy and then turn back to his narrow political talking points completely unaffected. It’s pretty much the same as seeing someone brutally murdered in the street and saying, “This is why we need to change subsidies on corn farming.”

I don’t know if Obama is a sociopath, but his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast puts him in the same league with Frank Schaeffer.

Others have already remarked on how despicable Obama was in rebuking Christians at the Prayer Breakfast so I won’t go into that. But I will note this shouldn’t surprise anyone. This is perfectly in line with Obama’s character.

Prior to the Prayer Breakfast, Obama held a private White House meeting with a group of Islamic leaders. Jihadists murdering someone caused Obama to reach out to Muslims and admonish Christians.

Using Islamic violence as an opportunity to reach out to Muslims is not unprecedented for Obama. After a Muslim decapitated a woman in Oklahoma last year, he sent a DHS official to the murderer’s mosque where he delivered a warm message from Obama.

This is how Obama reacts to Islamic violence; where his heart is. And the rest of his administration and life are similarly revealing.

Obama is siding with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the Iranians in Iraq and the Middle East.

The White House recently congratulated the Greeks on electing communists into power and said it looked forward to working with the new government.

Paul Kengor, a historian at Grove City College, wrote a book called, The Communist, which was about Obama’s mentor, Frank Marshall Davis. Davis was literally a card-carrying member of the CPUSA.

Then there is Jeremiah Wright who served as Obama’s pastor for all those years. And Michelle Obama who wasn’t proud of the nation her entire adult life until Obama ascended to power.

People’s World, “the successor to the Daily Worker” (as Kengor says of the communist publication), literally cheered Obama’s 2012 reelection with the headline, “We won!”

If you can’t see Obama for who he is at this point you’re in denial . . . or you’re siding with him.

It’s time for impeachment.

“But it will never work,” you say. Do it anyway. Here’s why.

Fox News Latino published an article in late 2014 on how illegal alien advocates succeeded.

They were criticized for being too provocative and too critical in demanding immigration reform. . . .

The so-called Dreamers, however, did not back down – in fact, they pushed back harder when immigration reform failed to materialize.

And so when Obama delivered his prime-time speech last Thursday, announcing that he was issuing an executive order that would suspend deportation for up to 5 million undocumented immigrants, the Dreamers felt vindicated.

If advocates were able to overcome the odds in their quest to destroy America, why can’t we overcome our odds?

Even if impeachment fails, it still can succeed if we focus on Obama’s weaknesses.

Obama doesn’t like being challenged. He has been praised his entire life. He’s so arrogant he likely isn’t capable of believing he can ever be wrong. Nevertheless, he quickly becomes flustered when people pressure him.

Look at what Donald Trump did to him when he challenged him on his birth certificate. People mocked Trump yet he succeeded in flustering Obama; temporarily sidetracked him. Forcing Obama to face impeachment—even a failed one—would greatly upset him. And if nothing else, that might distract him and slow down his fundamental transformation of America.

If leaders choose not to impeach this anti-American and anti-God president, then Obama will continue being free to do whatever he wants. And regardless of how bad things are right now, we can all be assured that will mean things will only become worse.



Paul Hair
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