BARACK OBAMA’S Iranian Bomb — and Bibi Netanyahu

Written by Allan Erickson on February 1, 2015

Reportedly, Mr. Obama has his panties in a twist about the upcoming Bibi Netanyahu visit. House Speaker Boehner invited Bibi to speak to Congress. Bibi accepted. Barry’s feeling left out, whining about protocol. The protocol complaint is a smokescreen. Boehner is not obligated to get Barry’s permission. But you see Barry thinks he is king, and demands homage. For these sins, the WH says Bibi “will pay a price.”

Barry is actually terrified Bibi will persuade the Congress that Obama’s approach to Iran is fantasy, that to prevent Tehran from getting The Bomb, tougher deterrents are required.

Barry wants endless talks (he calls them negotiations) and extended deadlines culminating in a friendly gathering around the campfire to sing folk songs and gobble s’mores.

Bibi, Boehner, and a whole truckload of Democrats and Republicans think Barry is a useless appeaser, a marshmallow negotiator, a delusional head of state. So to save Israel, Europe and the U.S., like grown men serious about their duty, they are taking matters into their own hands. They realize it is time to put the feral adolescent in his place.

Barry is very angry with Boehner and Bibi for humiliating him on the world stage. One does not humiliate The Barry! He has promised “there will be a price to pay.” First installment, the Veruca in Chief refuses to meet with Bibi when he comes to speak to Congress early March. Obama says he won’t meet with Netanyahu because he does not wish to interfere with his upcoming re-election bid. This is rich given the report Obama sent a team of campaign operatives to Israel recently to work for Bibi’s defeat. Isn’t it a felony to use U.S. public funds to attempt subversion in a foreign country?

Obama went even further. He floated a story that the head of Israeli intelligence services (Mossad) stands opposed to Netanyahu, opposed to more sanctions against Iran, a falsehood condemned by Israeli officials here.

Imagine that, a president who has snubbed the Israeli head of state many times, even calling him “chicken sh*t”, keeping him waiting for meetings that were scheduled, this is the man Barry continues to abuse, our closest ally in the region. Think of it again. A U.S. President slandering an Israeli head of state, sending a team of operative to his home country to defeat him, as well as floating false stories in an attempt to embarrass him and discredit him.

The only logical conclusions: Barry believes Israel is the root cause of conflict in the Middle East, plus he hates Netanyahu’s guts. Well, isn’t that special. No wonder Barry hates Bibi. Bibi is a real man. None in this administration dare say “Islamic terrorism”, or more accurately, “Muslim fascism”. But they are glad to insult, abuse and embarrass our best friend, a real leader, a man of integrity.

In another curious development . . . Democrat Senator Bob Menendez was recently the leader of the opposition, confronting Obama on the Iranian sanctions issue. In hearings recently, Mendendez basically said Obama was speaking the language of Tehran when it comes to sanctions. Imagine that, the Senator said the President is essentially a propaganda organ for the Iranians!

Menendez sponsored legislation to insist on the resumption of sanctions. Just days ago, he did a complete turnabout. It would appear some of Obama’s errand boys may have left a cat skull on Menendez’s door step, or they may have reminded him about allegations the Senator was involved with underage girls in the Dominican Republic, threatening a reopening of the file. Ah, the Chicago way . . . or is that more accurately described, the Kenyan Way?

Let’s hope Congress takes Netanyahu seriously, voting for sanctions with real teeth against Iran, and when Barry vetoes the bill, it is hoped they override it, and humiliate him further. He has earned all the humiliation he receives from here on out. Now that Menendez has wimped out, an override is unlikely however.

The fear is Iran already has The Bomb and only needs to perfect delivery systems, that Obama knows this and is setting up this drama so that he can blame Congress and Israel when the negotiations fail. Obama has proven he is capable of anything, openly funding and arming the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda, treasonous acts on their face.

Is he planning to allow Iran nuclear weapons, given his affection for Islam and his hatred for America and Israel?



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Allan Erickson
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