BOLD & BEAUTIFUL: Jordan’s Queen Rania Condemns Islamic State’s Barbarism

Published on February 7, 2015

Real women loathe and defy Islam.

Queen Rania of Jordan led protests on the streets of the capital Amman this morning as thousands took to the streets after Friday prayers to urge King Abdullah II to step up airstrikes against the Islamic State to avenge the brutal murder of pilot Moaz al-Kasaesbeh.

Crowds massed near the city’s main Husseini mosque, then marched chanting ‘Death to Daesh’, using a derogatory Arabic acronym for the terror group, in the latest sign of mounting public anger.

The rally came three days after Islamic State released a video purporting to show Kasaesbeh being burnt alive in a cage as masked militants in camouflage uniforms looked on.

The act has been widely condemned as among the most sickening ever committed to film and has sent waves of revulsion across the Middle East.

Jordan’s royal family have led the anti-ISIS protests in the country, with King Abdullah making an emotional visit to the pilot’s grieving relatives in his tribal home village yesterday and Queen Rania breaking down in tears as she embraced and comforted his young widow.

Queen Rania led the protests in Annan today, holding a placard bearing a photograph of al-Kasaesbeh as thousands took to the streets of the capital following Friday prayers.

Speaking during the demonstration, she said: ‘Moaz died standing for his country and faith, defending our common humanity. We are united in our grief and pride in our brave martyr.’

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