‘YOU CAN DIE LIKE THAT’: What Happens When a Muslim-Loving President Infects America

Written by Rad Magnum on February 18, 2015

I was alone, pushing myself in my wheelchair in a large store when a lady in a black berka with only her eyes visible came up to me and yelled, “You can die like that”.

Our Federal Government has has been crippled by the prejudice and betrayal of a Moslem-loving Christian/conservative-hating lame duck president, whose executive orders have laid the ground work for a military dictatorship with King Obama on the throne. His scandal and poison has infected each Federal agency so they are prepared to turn their guns on the American people.

Boston illustrated how quickly marshal can be implemented. ISIS claims to have plans to kill 90% of the US population. Mass grave yards have been prepared near most major cities.

Both the house and Senate have been neutered by veto. The courts are next.

As we stand by and watch the slaughter of innocent people by Moslem extremists and make no effort to come to their aid, our president defends their actions.

All I can say is, “You can die like that”.

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