CAN OF WHUP ASS: GOP’s Gohmert Rages Over Obama’s Executive Amnesty…Slams Compromisers

Published on February 28, 2015

Louie Gohmert unleashes on Obama’s overreach through executive action.

“This president didn’t even have the gumption to write an executive order and sign it,” Gohmert said. “He spoke his new amnesty law into being, and then [DHS Secretary] Jeh Johnson did a memo.”

“That took the power of Congress away from us,” Gohert said, his voice rising with emotion.

“So the question on acting responsibly is, do we make that message clear: we’re not having laws spoken into being in this country, and having some bureaucrat, unelected, come around with a memo that undoes laws by different Congresses all these years, signed by different presidents.”

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