CARRIE UNDERWOOD: Man’s Best Friend, Best Friend

Published on February 16, 2015

When Underwood heard an officer’s K-9 was in danger, Carrie saved the day.

Kevin Branscum and his German Shepard, Gino, have been a team for over 4 years. Branscum is a K-9 narcotics investigation officer for the McIntosh County Sherrif’s Departments. Gino is his partner, and the way they work together is one of the sweetest things we have ever heard about.

Unfortunately, the story comes to a rough stop when this cute German Shepard contracted heart worms from a mosquito. The terrible part was not only Gino’s symptoms but also the crazy bill that was being racked up because of the vet’s costs.

Underwood then managed to hear about this whole situation, and then committed to auctioning 2 guitars off to collectors, effectively raising enough money to pay off the amount of medical bills that had overcome Kevin and his family.

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