CHRIS CUOMO GAVE HIS ANSWER– Now, Ask All Democrats: Who Gives Us Our Rights

Written by Paul Hair on February 15, 2015

Media operatives have already begun asking potential Republican nominees for president questions meant to destroy them, so it’s only fair that people should now force Democrats to answer a question that will do the same to them: Who gives us our rights?

Successful Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker recently went to the United Kingdom and during a Chatham House visit the moderator asked him if he believed in evolution. He declined to answer it. Nonetheless, Democrats and many in the media became hysterical and are attempting to create a story where there is none.

The story they want to create can go one of two ways. If they can eventually get Walker and other Republicans to answer that they do believe in evolution they will use that answer to drive a narrative specifically designed to antagonize Christians. Alternatively, if they can get Republicans to answer that they don’t believe in evolution they can run with a narrative that Republicans and Christians are “anti-science” . . . even as they continue advancing the notion that a “transgender” man is a woman.

The game the Democrats and media are playing is a familiar one. They did it in 2012 when longtime Clinton operative George Stephanopoulos asked Mitt Romney if he thought birth control should be banned. The question came out of the blue at a debate and Romney had no idea what to do with it. And that was all they needed. From there until November all the Democrats and media did was talk about the “Republican War on Women.”

Conservative pundits have become wise to this game and they are already fighting back. Some have already compiled a list of questions that all Democrats should answer as a way to turn the tables on them. But I think CNN personality Chris Cuomo just provided the one perfect question that would destroy Democrats if people would force them to answer it.

Chris Cuomo recently lost a debate on God, government, and marriage to Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore. Cuomo at one point showed his ignorance of American history when he denied that our rights come from God. And with this error he also demonstrated how to defeat Democrats.

If people constantly ask Democrats who gives us our rights they are sure to lose no matter how they answer. If they say our rights do not come from God they both irritate the public and show they are illiterate about a fundamental historical fact. However, if they say our rights come from God they enrage their own base which is fanatically anti-God and hates foundational America.

The Democrats and legacy media will do anything to defeat Republicans and they will continue trying to entrap them with irrelevant questions. Republicans and their supporters can turn this tactic on them by forcing Democrats everywhere to answer one very relevant question: Do they believe our rights come from God?

Image: Thomas Jefferson, courtesy of Patriot Post (PatriotPost.US).


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