COSMO TAKES ON ISLAM: ISIS Handbook To Be Ridiculed In Cosmo Column

Published on February 6, 2015

Cosmopolitan Magazine is exposing the bull-sharia in the ISIS handbook. 

Cosmo editor Helen Archer said: “We’ve been having trouble cracking that difficult death-to-the-West demographic.

“Our new columnist really knows what’s going on behind the veil of the radical Islamist woman-in -the-street as long as she is accompanied by her husband, brother or cousin.

“The first one covers the problem of being a 17-year-old spinster, suggesting readers could snag themselves a guy by waiting patiently for a male relative to find a man in his 60s he owes a debt of honour to.

“In further issues the latest trends in hair, make up and fashion will be rated for their levels of satanic whorishness, and women will be encouraged to write in to identify which of them have defied Allah’s holy design by learning how to write.”

(H/T The Daily Mash)