CRAZY HAIRDRESSER: Naked FL Woman Arrested for Performing Sex Act On Street, Throwing Herself on a Car, and Throwing Tantrum When Police Arrived

Published on February 19, 2015

This chick is ku-ku for cocoa puffs. Never date a hairdresser.

A naked hairdresser stopped traffic on a residential street at the weekend by performing a sex act in front of a couple’s car then climbing on top of it and throwing a tantrum when the police arrived.

Police were called to the intersection of East Par Street and Formosa Avenue in Orlando, Florida, home to two churches, at 11.15pm on Sunday night.

Amie Carter, 31, was seen by drivers walking down Formosa Avenue with no clothes on.

She then approached a white 2008 Lexus occupied by Eric and Sarah Carlson and was seen to ‘fondle herself in front of the car’ according to the arrest report.

Carter then climbed onto the hood of the car and stomped on it causing multiple dents to the hood and roof.

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