CUT ‘EM A BREAK? Brian Williams and Other Network Pinnochios

Written by R.G. Yoho on February 16, 2015

Unless you have been stranded on Mars lately, you’ve probably already heard about the lies being told by NBC news anchor, Brian Williams, who has been suspended by the network for six months, a period which they hope will be enough time for everyone to forget about the incident and Williams can be restored to his anchor position, allowing him to then begin telling lies about the GOP challengers in the 2016 U.S. presidential race.

Williams told David Letterman that, while he was reporting from Iraq, his helicopter was shot at in 2003, a claim which he has repeated several times and has grown more dramatic with each account.

And as we’ve all learned since this news first broke, this isn’t the first time Brian Williams has concocted glowing personal stories to enlarge his status, not as a true journalist, but as a news personality.

Now Geraldo Rivera, a man who has a long and storied history of never adding anything meaningful to an intelligent discussion, has also chosen to enter the fray, coming to the aid and defense of the NBC news anchor.

He thinks Williams’ critics on the Internet should “shut up.”

“What I don’t want,” Geraldo said, “is people to pile on and destroy a man’s entire career for this one incident.”

The question I have to ask you is a simple one: Why shouldn’t this one incident destroy this man’s career?

These media blowhards have long defined their names and career successes by destroying Republican presidential candidates or GOP appointees over a single interview, charge, or accusation.

Please let me refresh your memory of a few times where these network news personalities sought to destroy a person’s life and career over a single incident.

Because she didn’t perform well in a single interview with Katie Couric, Governor Sarah Palin has been routinely portrayed by the media as stupid and naïve.

In addition, Palin was also accused of being the reason that John McCain’s presidential campaign suffered a humiliating defeat. Moreover, a large percentage of uninformed dolts among the American people now believe these things…because of one incident.

Governor Rick Perry momentarily froze up during the last set of presidential debates, but despite his long and remarkable history of economic success for the people of Texas, a solitary incident was used to destroy his candidacy and impugn his intelligence.

When Judge Clarence Thomas was appointed to the Supreme Court, his name was dragged through the mud and his career was nearly destroyed by one woman’s spurious charge of sexual harassment being leveled against the man.

I could go on and on and also name several others, but I won’t.

That is precisely the reason why Rush Limbaugh often calls these network anchors and reporters “the drive-by media,” because they routinely seek to destroy the careers of conservatives the same way a drive-by shooter has taken an innocent child’s life on the streets of gun-free, Chicago.

Today’s mainstream media routinely singles-out and sets their sights on someone whose politics they don’t like, they pull up alongside them, shoot them full of slanderous holes and charges, destroy their personal lives and careers, and then they drive away, happily seeking their next victim.

That is precisely what they teach budding, young reporters to become in the journalism programs of our major colleges and universities.

And when they gain their degrees, the networks pay them millions of dollars for successfully destroying the lives and careers of any conservative who dares to challenge their ideology.

However, despite the increasing and staggering number of scandals which have occurred in the Obama administration, the network Pinocchios, such as Brian Williams, have deliberately chosen to ignore them, fail to report on them, and to also pretend they do not exist.

Therefore, you will have to excuse me, Geraldo, if I fail to shed any crocodile tears for the career of Brian Williams.

Were it not for the power, freedom, and uncensored reporting of the Internet, then Brian Williams would be free to continue his personal string of lies, to destroy those whose politics he doesn’t embrace, and to engage in his nightly cover-ups of the high crimes and misdemeanors that are routinely taking place in the Oval Office.

Happy trails, Brian!

I’m sure NBC has another liar waiting in the wings to replace you.



R.G. Yoho is a Western author who has published seven books, including “Death Comes to Redhawk,” along with a non-fiction work entitled “America’s History is His Story.”