DEAR OBAMA: Islam’s ‘Greatest Contribution’ To The USA was Slavery

Published on February 24, 2015

Here is the proof.

Shoebat – Our dear leader loves to talk about how Islam has been in the fabric of our nation since its birth. My Colleague Ted Shoebat has talked about the Barbary Pirate wars, but prior to the American Revolution the Arab Muslims of North Africa biggest economic trade was to supply Slaves all over the world of which about 5% of all African slaves ended up here in the USA/Colonies with the majority going to Central and South America as well as slaves in the MIddle East and India. Obama obvious hates those white rich land owners, the founders of America who enslaved Black people and were evil, but he conveniently omits the suppliers of the slaves were mostly Arab Muslims, and still today the overwhelming majority of slavery that is prevalent today is promoted and controlled by Muslims.

The ugly head of sex slavery is now prevalent with ISIS, but is is rampant and has been even before this but rarely covered by the media. Muslims prior to the industrial revolution never provided squat to the fabric of America, you cannot find anything they did to contribute to America’s greatness. Obviously it takes two to tango but you also could blame the Muslims at least 50% of the blame for the Civil War. Watch below and you will understand what most of the leftist revisionist ignore about the Religion of Peace: