DEATH-CAKES: ISIS Reveals Secret Pancake Recipe Female Recruits Follow to ‘Increase Power and Strength’ of Fighters

Published on February 24, 2015

Perfect, now they can work at IHOP. Someone tell Marie Barf, please. I’m sure she’d love to try one.

The government is looking at ways to counter Islamic State propaganda after it was revealed terrorists are serving up pancake recipes online to win over new followers.

A national security review report has revealed terror groups such as Islamic State are using ‘highly targeted messages to appeal to vulnerable audiences’.

The report gives the example of IS releasing a pancake recipe ‘designed to feed jihadists after a hard day of fighting’.

A rough translation of the recipe website says the pancakes are quickly and easily prepared and best eaten with honey.

‘Can supply to mujahideen (fighters) before scurrying out onto the fighting fronts and extend the mujahideen energy and power, God willing.

‘Serve them to heroes.’


Islamic State first issued the pancake recipes in 2014 along with a recipe for balls of date mush.

They instructed the pancakes should be made with egg, sugar, oil, salt, milk and flour.

Militants are told that the date balls are best eaten during an ‘intermission in battle’ with coffee or water.

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