ERIC HOLDER IS AL SHARPTON’S TWIN: Holder Race-Baits One Last Time Before He Leaves

Published on February 28, 2015

Eric Holder can’t stop race baiting. Even on his way out as Attorney General, he just can’t help himself from indulging in some final race baiting.

By Noah Rothman, Hot Air

Outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder just couldn’t help himself.

With his time as the nation’s chief law enforcement official coming to a close, Holder reflected on one of his deepest regrets: Failing to deliver civil rights charges for the variety of figures embroiled in racial controversies over the course of his tenure.

When a Florida jury failed to convict George Zimmerman for his role in the death of Trayvon Martin, the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division opened an investigation to determine whether Zimmerman had violated Martin’s civil rights. It was a response to the outrage displayed by those who were invested in Zimmerman’s guilt, the facts be damned. This week, the DOJ revealed that insufficient evidence existed to charge Zimmerman with civil rights violations. Holder’s response to this development, apparently, is to lament the fact that the burden of proof required to impose criminal charges on American citizens after they have been exonerated by a jury is just too high.

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