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EVA LONGORIA: Obama Ogler, Eva Longoria, Caught in Massive Financial Scandal

Whoopsie Daisy.

Two best friends and close philanthropic associates of actress Eva Longoria, a politically active Democratic donor, have been using non-profit organizations to generate millions of dollars in business for for-profit entities that they also own, according to an investigation by The Hollywood Reporter.

The Hollywood Reporter found that Bravo and Peralta have intertwined the operations of the Global Gift Foundation with their own event planning and advertising companies in a way that experts say “doesn’t pass the smell test” for accountability.

Bravo and Peralta have proclaimed to donors and the public that nearly all of the money they raise goes to a good cause, but they are quiet about how they make money through their event-production company, MandA, which the foundations hire to stage the galas, and about their for-profit limited company that sells advertising and sponsorships for the events. They assert that MandA produces events for rates that are “far below industry standard” and that the limited company manages all expenses for the events so “all donations are untouched.”

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