#FERGUSON: US Set to Sue Ferguson Police Department Over Charges of ‘Racial Bias’

The spirit of Eric Holder will live on even after he’s done being Attorney General.

The Department of Justice is expected not to charge Darren Wilson, the officer whose killing of unarmed teenager Mike Brown led to protests in Ferguson and throughout the country, CNN reports.

The outlet said Justice Department officials are, however, planning to sue the Ferguson Police Department for racially discriminatory practices unless the department agrees to make changes.

The shooting of Brown became one of the focal points in the debate over unjust policing in the United States and led to a federal probe of both the incident and the Ferguson police department.

After a St Louis County grand jury decided not to indict and Missouri authorities concluded an investigation without recommending charges, the federal probe is the only remaining investigation probing whether to charge Wilson.

Justice Department spokesman Peter Carr did not provide a comment for the CNN report.

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