Written by Teri O'Brien on February 12, 2015

Of course, I don’t really hate the people I’m about to describe, and neither do you, although I have a tough time repressing the desire to see every one of them tried for treason. I know all too well, though, that I’ll be accused of being a hating “hater” just for stating the facts. Truth is the new hate speech, after all. And the truth is that our country is being destroyed by a radical leftist with contempt for the Constitution and the rule of law, hellbent on “transforming” America to redress what he thinks is its irredeemable unfairness, especially to racial minorities.

Every single destructive, contemptible action that he has taken was absolutely foreseeable even before he was elected to the Illinois State Senate, and blatantly obvious before he was elected to the U.S. Senate. How in the world could anyone vote for a man who in 2001 described the Constitution as “a charter of negative liberties,” and lamented that our country had not “broken free” of the restraints that the Constitution places on income redistribution to provide “economic justice”? He never actually hid his devotion to Marxism, although he did try to soften it with his usual double talk. (Watch the video, in which he perfectly enunciates, and expresses enthusiasm for the Saul Alinsky plan for remaking society.) It was there just the same, and yet some people voted for this clown, or even campaigned for him. Who are these people?

I have been thinking a lot about that question over the last several years, and I think I may have identified them. Call this a field guide to five groups of voters we can blame for the mess we find ourselves in.

The Cronies
For all the claptrap about “hope,” “change,” and “transparency” that surrounded Obama’s first campaign for president, Barack Obama is the product of the same slime pit that produced former Illinois Rod Blagojevich, currently serving time in a federal prison, and Rahm Emanuel, who probably should be, if he were being judged by the same standards as the ex-governor. The Chicago Way dictates that “we don’t want nobody nobody sent.” In other words, cronyism rules, and Obama is a very skilled practitioner of that legendary corrupt protocol. He has demonstrated that fact during his time in office. Whether it is the waivers to his healthcare scheme granted to unions and local governments where Democrats are in power, or the “green” energy Solyndra scam and the other 11 Solyndras, Obama cronies made out like bandits. People willing to sell out the country for 30 pieces of silver are natural Obama voters.

The Mascots
The next time Obama, who, despite stating he’s not going to run for another political office, continues his perpetual campaign ritual, consisting of toting his trusty TelePrompTer to a college to bloviate in front a bunch of backward children, or some other friendly audience, you will see one of his mascot groups on prominent display. Mr. “There is No Red or Blue America” left the building a long time ago. He’s sliced and diced our country into groups for selective pandering. Young people, single women, Hispanics, blacks, transgendered lesbian dwarfs—you name it. He’s got something for every one of those groups. His appeal to individuals is a little more resistible. A lot more, actually.

The Ignorant
As we have noted here at Clash Daily, many of the young people mentioned in the previous paragraph could also be placed in this category. It’s not only them, unfortunately. One third of first time voters, a demographic group that went for Obama 69%-30% in 2008, were over 30 years old. We can only conclude that they get their “news” from Good [Moron] America, Entertainment Tonight, and similar branch offices of the Obama propaganda machine.

The Emotionally-Driven
In 2004, Barack Obama surfed into the U.S. Senate on a huge wave of white guilt, but that one was minuscule compared to the tsunami that swept him into the Oval Office in 2008. Dolts developed bobbysoxer crushes on this “brilliant, young” senator, got thrills up their legs, and swooned over the crease in his pants, never bothering to consider that the policies he made clear he supported would destroy this country. What difference did that make? His candidacy and election were “historic.”

The Stupid
You know, like the majority population in the America predicted in the movie Idiocracy, which appears to be arriving a lot sooner than the movie said it would. Face it: there are people walking around who should not be allowed out in public off the leash, sort of like untrained, really dull dogs, except that unlike the dogs, these mental midgets can talk, drive cars, and God forbid, vote.

You can’t fix stupid, which is why there will always be some people who vote for liberal Democrats.

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