FOOTBALL PLAYER GANG RAPES GIRL: Says He Shouldn’t Serve Life Because Gang Rape Wasn’t ‘A Clear Representation Of Me’

Published on February 7, 2015

Former Vanderbilt football player, 21, says he hopes the gang-rape victim can forgive him as he insists he shouldn’t serve life behind bars because the attack ‘wasn’t a clear representation’ of himself.

Former Vanderbilt football player Cory Batey has said he does not think he should serve life behind bars for gang-raping an unconscious student because it wasn’t ‘a good representation of who I am’.

Batey, 21, was found guilty of aggravated rape last month after assaulting the student in a dorm room with three other football players following a night of drinking in June 2013 – in a horrific attack caught on camera.

In an exclusive interview with Dr Phil – which will air in full on Monday – Batey became emotional as he said he knows he has let down his mother, but that he would not have gone down the same route if he had had a father figure growing up.

He added that he hopes his victim and her family can forgive him for his mistake.

Still, when asked by Dr Phil if he believes he should stay in prison for the rest of his life – which is a possibility when he is sentenced next month – he responded: ‘I don’t think I should.’

He added that he does not believe his fellow rapist Brandon Vandenburg, who brought the woman back to the dorm and encouraged the others to rape her, should not be locked up for life either.

‘I think everyone deserves to be forgiven and to be given a second chance,’ he said. ‘I don’t think that was a clear representation of him. I know that’s not a clear representation of me.’

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