GRAMPS IS A BAD-ASS: Shoplifter Yells, ‘You hurt my arm!’ Elderly Man Says, ‘I’ll just break it!’

Published on February 12, 2015

Grandpa has some moves! This 75-year old man helped police to take down a shoplifter.

75-year-old Charlie Burton was at a sportsmen’s show, selling pens that look like bullets, when he saw an officer trying to arrest an alleged shoplifter.

He thought the officer looked like he needed help so he jumped on top of the guy. Burton helped hold him down until backup arrived.

“I was going to the food court to get something to eat, and I went over there and there was this officer. He had a fella up against the counter there, and I saw he was in trouble,” he explained. “I made a move and made a big twist and twisted his arm up over my head.”

Burton said he told the man to stop fighting back.

“Yeah, I got his arm and gave him a big twist and tripped him and put him face down,” he said. He kept hollering ‘You hurt my arm,’ and I said, ‘You better quit fussing around and fighting, I’ll just break it.'”

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