HUGE IMPLICATIONS: What Is a Natural Born Citizen of the U.S.?

Published on February 3, 2015

by Les Weaver
Clash Daily Contributor

The intent of the United States constitutional requirement that the President of the United States be a natural born Citizen of the United States is: (1) to reduce the likelihood that a President of the United States would have a former, or present, attachment to a foreign country (because such an attachment could influence one to make decisions that would not promote the interests of the United States)  (I believe we are experiencing this from the White House).; and (2) to increase the likelihood that the interests of any President of the United States will coincide with those of the United States. 

Although I would prefer that the Supreme Court decide the issue, the entire court system avoids the issue.  Therefore, from my research I have concluded that: A person is a natural born Citizen of the United States if and only if:
1. The person was born in the United States,
2. Both parents of the person were Citizens of the United States when that person was born, and
3.  The person has been a Citizen of the United States, since birth.

Lies, spin, and Bulls**t is not all we experience from the District of Corruption.  Our Senators and Representatives that took a solemn oath to “Protect and Defend” the Constitution do not know what it says or depend on others to provide talking points on meanings that are crystal clear to most of the populace.  When that doesn’t work, they refuse to listen to anyone unless they have a specific political obligation to that party.  (This is bi-partisan). 

I have searched the web on the subject of “Natural Born Citizen” and attempted to weigh the conclusions of a multitude of scholars on the subject and combine them into a condensed opinion.  The result is above, but I have also drawn several related conclusions on the subject.  

My conclusions are diametrically opposite from my two ultra-liberal “progressive” Senators and my Congressional Representative. To them and their supporters, I herein state that disagreeing with them is my right under the Constitution that I served to protect and believe in as written, not spun.

I stand that “Natural Born Citizen” goes back to the meaning when the Constitution was written. Therefore, regardless of political preference, if you believe in the Constitution, Bobby Malinda, Marco Rubin, Ted Cruz and (YES) Barack H. Obama DO NOT QUALIFY to sit as President until IF or AFTER the Constitution is repealed.  I don’t want that!

I believe that the primary reason why Obama calls the Constitution obsolete is because it does not serve his status as a non-U. S. citizen.  It also exposes that his “Amnesty” bill is likely intended to pave the way for himself should he be found as not legally holding U.S. citizenship.  I believe this is the primary of several fears that have the congress and Dept. of Justice refusing to weigh in.  Just know that Obama and his lemmings are both covertly and overtly attacking not just who may sit as president but also the First, Second, Fourth, Ninth and Tenth of the Bill of Rights.

I pose a string of questions that need answering before I will accept that Obama is even a citizen of the U.S.  I would require independent and full forensic examination of the originals of his Birth Certificate, Social Security Number, Draft registration, present and prior, (Indonesian) passports, scholastic records including applications, educational grants and grades, teaching records, and complete senatorial records.

I charge that the Congress and courts are guilty of two “crimes against the Constitution and the people”.  They are frightened that Obama will be found not to qualify for the office of President of the U.S. and the result would be dramatic and earth shaking.

First is that they would suffer even more embarrassment and require that they immediately return to performing to their sworn oath, the Constitution.  Second is that every Executive Order, Law, Bill, and appointment signed or made by Obama would be void and require re-visit by an embarrassed and humbled Congress.  They would actually have to work to heal the country and their seat would be in jeopardy at the next election.  Just imagine all of the legal and political controversy that goes away if in fact, Obama has performed the greatest hoax in world history.

I pray that SCOTUS is not so contaminated that they soon determine that the Constitution has died, this so that the real truth does not surface until after the demise of the United States of America.

Do your own research and then choose a side: We are either a country of laws or we are not.