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HURTING THE CONSERVATIVE CAUSE: Feeling Good About Three Dead Muslims?

In an old interview, Gordon Lightfoot had stated that he sometimes has second thoughts about recording his song, “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”. The reason for this remorse stems from people telling him that they would “celebrate” the then-upcoming thirtieth anniversary of the sinking of the ship that had become famous as a result of that song.

Song lyrics and news stories share a common trait: there are people who tend to ignore key words and lines, and concentrate on what they find interesting or entertaining. In the case of Mr. Lightfoot’s song, there are those who only hear the music and the words “wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald,” while tuning-out the reference to the twenty-nine victims, as well as “the wives, and the sons, and the daughters.”

There is a tragic news story from earlier this week that had generated a similar level of perverse enthusiasm that some people feel about the 1975 tragedy which claimed the Edmund Fitzgerald and her crew. In this recent case though, the revelers acknowledged that the religion of the victims was the reason for their jubilation.

When a story about the murders of three Muslims at the hands of an alleged atheist was posted on Facebook, comments were left that expressed hatred and an evil pleasure knowing that three human beings with no known criminal records had died.

There is no question that radical Islam is spreading throughout the Middle East, as well as Europe via terror and intimidation. Sadly, there are intellectually-complacent individuals among us who choose to believe that these three deaths are a strike against a destructive force that most likely would’ve also wanted those young adults murdered for no other reason than their association with American infidels.

Just like almost everyone outside of their family, friends, co-workers, and fellow students, I do not know anything about the victims of this crime. However, unlike the voluntarily-ignorant who have streamlined their thought process to the point of smothering any possible power of discretion with blanket hatred, I will not rejoice in the unnecessary, tragic deaths of total strangers. Instead I, like countless others among us, will pray for the victims and those whom they have left behind.

Blanket hatred is wasted energy and the absence of logic. It also dilutes legitimate arguments against a legitimate target.

Within the last few months, a column had been posted on several Facebook pages that falsely claimed President Barack Obama had signed an executive order that indicted former Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson. Before this attempt to generate unnecessary rage, someone had posted a video about a woman who had racked up about two-hundred days of jail time within several seconds for acting in contempt of court. The title of the story that included this video was along the lines of “Obama Supporter Gets What She Deserves,” despite no reference to Barack Obama, or politics in the video.

After I had left a comment suggesting that such a title is not only misleading, but it hurts the cause of proper criticism of his policies, Facebook users with Black Belts in blanket hatred responded with quotes such as “if it walks like a duck….,” or comments that suggested the facts be damned when criticizing Mr. Obama.

Yes, the policies of Barack Obama are hurting a lot of American citizens, as well as those in other countries. However, there is no stronger case for abstaining from a blinding hatred of him than the damage which he is capable of without his critics and opponents adhering to a defense based on logic.

The blinding hatred that drives progressives to make ridiculous accusations and death threats against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is called Walker Derangement Syndrome. Due to the insanity that accompanies this ailment, all of the wasted energy in the form of hatred ends up helping Governor Walker. If the same type of blind hatred is substituted for reason and logic when criticizing Barack Obama or any other progressive politician, the energy wasted in hate-fueled attacks against that person only de-legitimizes logical criticism.

Keep in mind that two of the “strongest” arguments that progressives have against Republicans are that conservatives and the GOP want to starve schoolchildren and the elderly, and that racism is a prerequisite for the title of Republican. Such childish accusations are believed only by the indoctrinated who have little real-world experience, and leftists with a blanket hatred of everyone who doesn’t believe exactly what they believe.

Finally, what the people who condone these murders refuse to acknowledge is that the alleged murderer is also allegedly anti-religion. While searching for stories about this crime on Yahoo, all of the top links identified the victims as Muslim, while some omitted the word “atheist” when describing the alleged murderer.

Has the media referred to the Unabomber as an “extremist environmentalist”? Will the media identify this alleged killer as a fan of Rachael Maddow or Bill Nye? Or, will media pundits discuss the danger of militant atheism?

The supposed actions of this one person are not representative of everyone who has chosen atheism as their belief, or lack thereof. The actions of one person are the actions of one person, despite the progressive narrative that all violence is the result of conservative and Christian policies and “human rights violations.”

The hatred shown toward these three victims is reminiscent of the hatred that some progressives displayed when gasoline reached four dollars per gallon. The rationale behind their joy of such high prices was that “the rich” had to pay more money to use their expensive cars and boats. This hatred was so blinding, that those progressives refused to acknowledge that the poor and middle-class, not the supposed rich, were the true victims of high fuel prices.

As is usually the case with people with low self-esteem and/or no sense of compassion, feeling good about one’s self trumps results, as well as the well-being of the victims of violence and tragedies, regardless if it happened in an apartment, or on Lake Superior.



Chuck Gruenwald

Born in Chicago and raised in northwest suburban Cook County, Chuck Gruenwald developed an unfavorable opinion of machine politics quite early in life. In addition to cars, electronics, law enforcement, and politics, Chuck enjoys writing, and is also a horse racing fan. He has recently written op-eds for