‘INCREDIBLY CHILDISH’: Obama’s Losers Plot Ways To Snub Netanyahu During Visit

Published on February 22, 2015

Meanwhile he’s planning on meeting with the leader of Qatar who I believe runs a terror supporting state.

As if U.S.-Israeli relations weren’t strained enough, reports have surfaced that the Obama administration may be taking steps to subvert Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s scheduled visit next month to address Congress.

This prompted TribLive political reporter Salena Zito to respond:

The president has already indicated he won’t meet with the Israeli leader when he’s in Washington. From that, Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State John Kerry and Democratic members of Congress — including the Congressional Black Caucus — dutifully took their cue and announced they won’t attend Netanyahu’s address.

Apparently, that’s not enough of a snub for a famously vindictive White House.

The Associated Press reported that the administration is considering options short of the president delivering a speech to Congress rebutting the prime minister’s remarks.

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