ISIS: Guys Who Really Wanna Work???

Written by Steve Bowers on February 22, 2015

Under this Administration, things just keep getting “curiouser and curiouser.”

Finally, some truth out of the Washington Set. Justice Ginsberg drops the hammer on Obama’s incredibly dull, long and predictable State of the Union Addresses. Her head was almost in her lap as she was sound asleep. I wonder if she snored. The other Justices were staring. She was just being honest. We all felt the same. But maybe it wasn’t a somnambulant unintended protest (like Alito a few speeches back). She told us afterward another Justice had brought a bottle of hooch to the Justices’ pre-speech dinner. Maybe she was just schnockered? I don’t imbibe, bur nearly everything Obama does makes me wanna’ take up drinking. Heavily.

Then I noticed that Shirley McClain came out from under her rock …or back off the limb she told us she had crawled out on twenty-five years ago. It was about the same time Jane Fonda had crawled on top of a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun to sight in her fellow Americans in the skies over Hanoi. Anyway …Shirley doesn’t seem to be aging well. She looks a little off her game … at least since the days she made that interesting movie that was staged in Madison, Indiana with Frank Sinatra and that other Italian crooner. Then she was cute, but Anno Domini can be ruthlessly cruel. And I don’t refer only to her looks. To wit; she recently remarked something …roughly …along the lines “the Jews had it coming during the Holocaust”?!!?!?? I don’t know her source for this, but recall she claimed no small amount of expertise on the subject of karma or reincarnation a few decades ago. So, I’m sure her blather makes sense, at least, for her.

In some quarters (pre-Obama), this would be considered anti-Semitic. But, maybe it’s really just her homey way of showing solidarity with the Palestinians(?) … or I.S.I.S. You know … like Obama … only more overt.

Then, this week, there was Biden, somewhere, shouting out to “[his] Butt Buddy.” (What?!??!?)

Then there was Biden groping the wife of the new Defense guy. (This “weird uncle” behavior rates a lesser “What?!??” … but it still rates a “What?”)

Speaking of your Prez, did you see the unknown blond with the Clark Kent glasses, telling the rest of us benighted Americans that we shouldn’t be throwin’ ordnance down range at I.S.I.S. because what they really need is “job opportunities”? Pinch me. Tell me I was only dreaming and that the Obama Administration hasn’t actually gone that far down the road of Moral Relativism, the ugly big sister of Political Correctness. If this ditsy blond is the best the Administration has to offer, just wake me when it’s over. If it ever ends.

This reminds me of the problem he had when he selected his Czar Patrol. (Whatever a Czar is … I mean under Ivan, Katherine, Nicholas and those guys, I had a rough idea, but these unconstitutional dweebs are hard to define.) The problem Obama apparently had was not being too dumb to know how to deal with the “Czarish” subjects …that’s why you appoint Czars …if you ignore the Constitution …(which in itself is strong proof you’re already generally pretty dumb). No. Obama’s problem wasn’t being too dumb to understand the “Czar Topics.” The real problem was that he was so dumb he couldn’t even tell who was too dumb to be a Czar. (Remember how they only stayed on the job long enough to qualify for huge pensions and then quit en masse?) Of course, one must expect a certain level of “dumbness” if the subject is unalloyed fantasy (ie; Climate Change). You have to expect something that is completely fanciful and the brain child of Al Gore is gonna be a shifting target.

Why didn’t Obama just hire actors for the Czar jobs? Particularly the Czar jobs dealing with completely “made-up” stuff? He panders after that Hollywood knuckle head crowd (which does not include Eastwood or Brad Pitt after Fury and American Sniper). (Never did include Eastwood!)

But, what Clark Kent’s dumb little sister said was beyond the “Dumb Pale.” It’s time for a period of serious house cleaning, particularly the cretins who write the teleprompter stuff, not to mention the idiots who read from them.


Steve Bowers
Steve Bowers grew up on a farm in Indiana, attended Indiana University and went into the construction business. While working on a construction project at a law school he was appalled at how lawyers could screw stuff up on a simple building project. Thinking he could do better, Steve went to law school. He’s pretty naive.