ISIS’ WAR ON WOMEN: Woman Attacked in Eastern Syria for Her Eyes Being Exposed

Published on February 18, 2015

Yet our President doesn’t address this ‘beautiful religion’ as he should. I thought liberals were fighting the ‘war on women’?

The Islamic State’s (ISIS/ISIL) established “morality police” reportedly attacked a woman in eastern Syria because her eyes were exposed.

Women under the caliphate must dress conservatively, following the protocols issued invarious ISIS publications concerning the behavior of women. This includes a full face veil. The majority of women shown in pictures and videos are covered from head to toe in all black. The ISIS morality gangs in Albuhamai, Syria, found a woman wearing a full face veil that they deemed to have left her eyes too exposed. The police also arrested two men who attempted to protect her.

In July, the jihadists passed extreme restrictions on women. A full-face veil is required, and the hands and feet must be covered. Females must not wear clothes that “hug the body.”

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