LAW, SCHMAW: Obama Merrily Proceeds with His Lawless Amnesty

Written by Teri O'Brien on February 26, 2015

Given his doltish demeanor, I am quite certain Obama spokesoaf Dan Pfeiffer had no idea that he was enunciating the slogan for the Obama Regime when he said “The law is irrelevant.” You said a mouthful there, my intellectually-stunted friend. As lawless as the Obama regime was prior to the 2014 election, it’s hard to believe it could get any worse, or I should say it would be hard believe if we weren’t watching the breathtaking acceleration in this distressing destruction of our country happen right before our eyes.

It’s clear that President Payback is prepared to do anything and everything to accomplish his “remaking” (read destroying) of racist, imperialistic Amerika. In his world view, since this country has unfairly exploited the planet’s resources, and created the world-wide poverty that a young Barack lamented in his (as in the one Bill Ayers wrote) Dreams of My Father, when he talked about cruise ships throwing away more food in a day than the average school lunch room under his repellent wife’s takeover of school lunches, it is only right and “fair” that this situation be set that right, and he’s just the guy to do it. The third world has been exploited by this evil country, so the fix is to bring the third world here where the healing poultice of income redistribution can be applied. 

So, illegal aliens—oh wait, I mean “Americans in waiting“—have been granted work permits at an unprecedented rate, purely by executive fiat. Barack Obama spends a lot of time on the golf course, as you well know, but when he’s not there, he’s usually lecturing some friendly audience, such as backward children at a college or union mascots, often going into full screeching demagogue mode, about his passion for helping the “middle class”, and “working families”. It’s difficult to reconcile that extreme concern for these hard-working “folks” with the Obama administration’s actions, which, as the old saying goes, might speak louder than words.

From National Review:

More than 5.46 million foreign nationals have received work permits from the federal government since 2009, according to a new report from the Center for Immigration Studies. Data uncovered from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services agency reveal that approximately 982,000 work permits were given to illegal immigrants and other foreign nationals unqualified for admission, most of whom crossed the border without inspection. USCIS is the agency within the Department of Homeland Security responsible for issuing work permits and processing applications related to President Obama’s executive action on immigration. On Tuesday, the Senate is scheduled to vote on a bill that funds DHS, while blocking funding that would allow USCIS to implement the president’s executive action.  The remarkable number of work permits granted by the federal government to law-breaking aliens better explains how all net jobs growth since 2007 has gone to immigrants. The government issued approximately 1.7 million work permits since 2009 to aliens whose status was not known, not recorded, or not disclosed by USCIS, according to the report. The report says employment is not authorized by law for approximately 1.2 million immigrants who collected work permits while having a temporary visa status. And the data show that approximately 1,200 new work permits went to unlawful entrants who were denied asylum, were suspected of using fraudulent documentation, were stowaways, or were refused at a port of entry. 

Approximately 1.1 million legal immigrants and 700,000 guest workers enter the country every year along with the millions of foreign nationals that have received work permits from the federal government, according to a statement from CIS. “I was astonished at the huge number of work permits that are being issued by the Obama administration outside the legal immigration system through executive discretion, especially at a time of high unemployment and stagnant wages,” said Jessica Vaughan the director of policy studies at CIS in a statement. “Besides the effect on the American worker, it encourages and rewards more illegal immigration.”

Not having a job because it’s been given to an illegal alien is a problem for an American citizen, of course, but worse than that is the chance, increasing under the Obama Regime’s policies, that you, or a loved one, will be a victim of a violent crime at the hands of an illegal alien. From the Washington Times:

One thousand of the 36,000 illegal immigrant criminals the government released in 2013 have gone on to commit other crimes, including child sex abuse, hit-and-run and child cruelty, according to new data released Friday evening by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley.

The information, which the Department of Homeland Security provided to Mr. Grassley, details all 1,000 convictions, including dozens of drunken-driving convictions, drug offenses and weapons convictions. But the more serious crimes include domestic abuse, carjacking and aggravated assault.

One of the illegal immigrants, identified as No. 960, was subsequently convicted of inflicting injury on a domestic partner; child cruelty, with the possibility of injury or death; probation violations; speeding; driving without a license; and failing to appear for court.

You’ve got to love that Obama “prosecutorial discretion,” no?

From the Daily Caller, reporting on the hearing on February 25, 2015 before U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform:

The father of a black teenager murdered by an illegal immigrant asked “do black lives really matter?” in a House hearing to review the Department of Homeland Security’s policies towards “non-citizens unlawfully present in the United States.”

That father, Jamiel Shaw, and Michael Ronnebeck, the uncle of another man murdered earlier this month by an illegal immigrant, testified at Wednesday’s hearing in front of a subcommittee of the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

Both men asserted that Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) lax detainment policies contributed to the death of their family members. ICE came under intense scrutiny last year when it was revealed that in 2013 the agency had released over 36,000 convicted criminal aliens from its custody. Of those, nearly 200 had committed murder.

Will you or your loved one be the next victim, sacrificed on the altar of Obama’s grand project, “remaking America”? 

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