LEFTISTS KNOW BEST; JUST ASK ‘EM! Mental Health and the Culture War

Written by Allan Erickson on February 26, 2015

I confess.  I’m a recovered Leftist.  I drank the voodoo juice in college. For a time I joined the ranks of deranged control freaks.  Our professors drilled Marx, Freud and Darwin into our skulls for four years, leaving us glassy-eyed, numb and unfit for worthwhile employment.  College brainwashed us well. Many graduates drone on to this day, dutifully reciting the scripted narrative. This explains the daily insanity expressed on TV news programs.   “We agree with the President. He believes ISIS has nothing to do with Islam, that a jobs program will solve everything.  He believes most police departments are racist.  He thinks capitalism is a failure.  He believes the economy is recovering.  He thinks the clerics will not launch a nuke from Iran because it is against their religion.  He believes government can run healthcare better than doctors.  He calls himself a patriot and he hates America. We agree!”

Have you noticed the central government is overrun by control freaks, real freaks warring reality?  College indoctrination centers were successful these last 45 years.  For me and for increasing numbers, reality eventually penetrated denial. We were reborn into a world of individual responsibility, moral clarity, productive endeavor, common sense and meaningful living.  We climbed out of the rabbit hole to escape Wonderland.

When people say Leftists suffer from mental illness, it is true, but only part of the story.  Typical Leftists are compulsive about minding everyone else’s business.  They pry.  They interfere.  They make assumptions, they accuse and condemn.  In short, they will do anything to justify using government power to force submission and compliance. 

Leftists assume they are morally and intellectually superior, without a shred of evidence (and frequently contradicting the best evidence).  It is delusional, but necessary.  After all, one must assume supremacy to justify tyranny.  It’s comparable to the jihadist mentality: “we are doing this for your own good because we know better.” Pushed to the extreme (an inevitable outcome in order to overcome resistance) it is easy to justify infringement of rights, legal action, sanction, incarceration, even violence.  One simply cannot let deficit people override the wisdom of the enlightened elite.  Why waste time trying to persuade the uneducated?  Much more efficient to threaten, humiliate, ridicule and brow-beat them into submission, while you brainwash their children and grandchildren.  

Which leads to another dimension of the illness: Leftists are convinced they possess special knowledge. Leftists simply “know” things, such as: human activity is destroying the planet, doomsday is right around the corner, gun control reduces crime, white people are inherently racist, capitalism is the root of all evil, Republicans are the spawn of Satan, Muslims are cool, Baptists drool, Marxism rocks, love is free, as clinics should be.  For a Leftist, this special PC knowledge requires no substantiation, because “it feels right.”  Things should be the way Leftists perceive, because, they have the special knowledge, debate over.   And if you disagree, well, you just aren’t “cool”.

A snap shot to exemplify: poverty bad, redistribution good, expand government power to steal from one to give to another, (liberty lost), problem solved, case closed.  Trouble is, reality is found elsewhere, and problems proliferate. Think the 50 year war on poverty declared by Lyndon Johnson and waged by Democrats wasting $5 Trillion dollars in that time. 

Leftists are prone to misdiagnose problems, given their arrogant presumption, an illusion spread across generations by drug and alcohol abuse.  One sees cars and heat waves, then observes a melting iceberg, and shazzam, human beings are destroying the planet! Al Gore says so!  The real trouble comes when “solutions” are “proposed”.  In this case, man-made global warming can only be halted by destroying the economies of the industrialized nations, giving all the remaining wealth to the third world to supply solar panels and bicycles.  There is nothing quite like a radical, irrational solution to an unidentified problem. What could go wrong?!   

You will notice as well that Leftists tend to stifle debate by insisting issues are settled, and that catastrophe is at hand : we have to act right now, or we all die! Intolerance generally accompanies the hysteria, and the rush to judgment and action, however ill-advised.  When serial failures ensue, the only way they can salvage some form of sanity is to project those failures on others.  “Well,” they say, “we only failed because of obstructionist Republicans.  We didn’t fail actually.  They prevented success.  We were underfunded.  The media was complicit.  The Chinese undercut our margins.  It just isn’t fair.”  Unfairness is a very convenient accusation when projecting failure on others. Think Solyndra. 

Always angry, irritable and demanding, like menopausal women trying to stop smoking, Leftists never sleep.  They never miss an opportunity to attack, slander, and engage character assassination.  There is no satisfying these people.  If you support traditional marriage but have no interest in persecuting homosexuals, you are a homophobic hate monger.  If you don’t think affirmative action is such a great idea, but have no interest in discriminating for any reason, you are a racist moron.  If you think unborn human beings have a right to life, without being insensitive to the needs of women in crisis pregnancy situations, you are a sexist pig.  If you support equal rights for all without seeing the destruction of males as required, you are a chauvinist waging a war on women.  And if you think history teaches that liberty can only be sustained by a decentralized federal government, the separation of powers, the consent of the governed and the right to private property, you are a Nazi.

If you’re Republican, you deserve a firing squad.

Finally, Leftists tend to be very self-absorbed, and paranoid, immune to all factual information contradicting the narrative. If not experiencing immediate gratification, they go all Veruca, then spin another conspiracy theory.  It often gets very emotional.

In short, hell hath no fury like a Leftist scorned.  Go ahead.  Scorn one.  See what happens.  Or you can tune in MSNBC and watch them go berserk.  Great fun, until you realize the psycho’s really are in control, and thus, the world has become one enormous asylum. 

Perhaps we should cling to our guns and our Bibles.

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Allan Erickson
Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.