LEVIN UNLOADS: Radio Show Host Slams ‘Republican Establishment’…Especially Jeb Bush at CPAC

Published on February 28, 2015

Seems like everyone is taking shots at Jeb Bush at this year’s CPAC. Conservatives are sending and message loud and clear – and Mark Levin is definitely one of them.

“It’s time for a new Republican Party,” Levin said, appealing to the memory of Ronald Reagan as he called for conservatives to reject “crony capitalism” and pre-selected candidates.

“Reagan was an outsider,” Levin said. ”In fact, Reagan was opposed by a prominent family that seeks to occupy the White House for a third time.”

Continuing the not-so-veiled references to the Bush family as the audience booed, Levin said, ”The only dynasty I like is the Duck Dynasty.”

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