SO, ARE THEY LISTENING? Marie Harf’s Good Advice for RINOs

Written by Teri O'Brien on February 19, 2015

One day after she unmasked herself as a one-woman encyclopedia of dumb blonde jokes, vacuous Valley Girl and State Department spokes-imbecile, Marie Harf, appeared on CNN with Wolf Blitzer to double down on her insane statements that head chopping ISIS lunatics are just disaffected youth who need more job opportunities. Good little leftist apparatchik that she is, she is blissfully unaffected by her new status as national laughingstock. On the contrary, she clearly considers those of us who had a terrific time mocking her on Twitter as just mouth- breathing dolts who can’t appreciate a “nuanced” argument. 

Believe it or not, the mindless Ms. Harf could teach an important lesson to some people who are supposed to be on our side; specifically, Senate Republicans. You see, during that interview when Mr. Blitzer asked her how she deals with all the barrage of criticism she continues to face. Her reply, weirdly wise and stupid at the same time: “I don’t read it.” I know what you’re thinking: Of course, you don’t read it. Does anyone really believe that you know how to read? I think not.

Even if you could, Marie, you wouldn’t want the tiniest smidgen of reality to penetrate the Cone of Stupid. At the same time, that comment provides a great roadmap for feckless politicians who behave as if they will have to change their panties if some media moron accuses them of being responsible for “shutting down” the government, or “shutting down” the Department of Homeland Security. 

Apparently, many of the brilliant statesmen in the Republican party haven’t figured out the game, even after all these years, so let me break it down. I shall speak slowly since I know you are members of Congress. The branch offices of the Obama propaganda ministry, also known as our “media”, take their marching orders from the White House Press Office, headed by the inaptly named Josh Earnest. They create a narrative. Any resemblance between it and the truth is purely coincidental, if it exists at all, which it almost always doesn’t.

In this case, the narrative is all about “shutting down” the Department of Homeland Security.  The Republicans in the House have finally stood up for the rule of law and stood up to the lawless, rogue despot currently occupying the Oval Office, stating that they will not fund his unilateral amnesty for approximately 5 million illegals. As a result, the Official Story is that they are going to be responsible for “shutting down” the Department of Homeland Security. That is a bare-faced lie. 

Over 85% of the employees of the Department of Homeland Security have been deemed “essential employees”, who therefore, must report to work even if there is a “shutdown.” Given this fact, do Republican senators state that fact, and laugh in the Democrats’ faces when they try to peddle their “shutdown” nonsense? Of course not! Rather than exposing Obama, the Democrats and their handmaidens in the media for the frauds they are, they buy into the lie, and fold like 2-dollar card tables. Why? Because they are so spineless that they break out in a cold sweat at the very thought that anyone might even suggest that they would “shutdown” the Department of Homeland Security, even though it would make no difference!

Witness this profile in courage, RINO Mark Kirk of Illinois. It took him only 24 hours to go from correctly blaming the Democrats for any consequences from the “shutdown,” even though there will not be any of consequence in all likelihood, to joining the Democrats in wanting to pass a “clean” bill, thereby enabling Obama’s lawlessness. 

Sen. Kirk, and several others such as Sen. Jeff Flake, who apparently is unmoved by the January murder of a 21 year-old convenience store clerk in his state by an illegal alien who had previously committed several crimes, would be wise to take a page from Ms. Harf’s book, and ignore the phony criticism of Obama’s mouthpieces in the Lame Stream Media. 

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