MILLER TIME: Dennis Miller, ‘Obama’s Sympathies Lie with the Muslim World’

Published on February 28, 2015

Dennis Miller just says what the rest of us already knew.

Dennis Miller doesn’t think President Barack Obama was born in Kenya or that he’s a Muslim. Still, the right-leaning comic and co-host of the new “PO’dcast” with Adam Carolla says the president’s sympathies lie with Muslims, not Jews or Christians, during the February 20 podcast edition.

The duo were discussing Jewish voting patterns and foreign policy when the conversation shifted to the president’s stance toward the Jewish state.

“I’m not Jewish and I’m solidly in the Jewish camp, and I don’t think this president is,” Miller says. “If you had to say, ‘are his sympathies with the Muslim world, the Jewish world or the Christian world?’ I would say, and I don’t think I’m a heretic for saying this, I’m taking him at face value, I think his sympathies lie with the Muslim world,” Miller continues.

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