‘NET NEUTRALITY’ MY ASS: Net Neutrality Is ObamaCare All Over Again

Published on February 26, 2015

Liberals don’t care what you do as long as they mandate and control it.

RUSH:  I’ve never felt more surrounded by ignorance than I am.  I don’t mean here.  I’m talking about opinion leaders and CEOs, tech leaders, industry leaders.  I have never seen such ignorance in my life. I don’t know how to deal with it.  This net neutralityfeatures almost as much ignorance as there was going into Obamacare, and to me there’s no excuse for the ignorance anymore.


You know, it’s so simple.  We’ve been down this road I don’t know how many times just most recently with Obamacare, and Obamacare is the model, by the way, for net neutrality.  The Regime is using the exact same model.

“From all indications, the FCC contemplates that the new rules will be sufficiently burdensome and costly — and sufficiently ambiguous — that affected parties will be invited to seek exemptions from the new mandates through ‘waiver’ requests or other administrative mechanisms.”

So they’re gonna knowingly implement a bunch of arduous, complicated, punishing regulations, and then they’re gonna invite injured parties to come up and ask for exemptions or waivers.  Knowingly this is going to happen.  To the uninitiated who may be shouting, “Why, why?”  Because this is how you get control.  This is how, if you’re Obama and the government, you simply take control of the Internet and make it yours.  And then you implement all of these burdensome regulations.

But, for most favored supporters you can get an exemption, but your competitors may not.  How badly do you want to support the Regime?  How badly and how loyally will you support the Democrat Party?  “Oh, forever.  Whatever you need.”  Fine.  You’ve got your waiver.  But your competitor doesn’t.  We’ll help you put your competitor out of business in exchange for your loyalty to the Democrat Party.  And that’s how it’s gonna go.

That’s how it’s gone with Obamacare, and that’s exactly how this is imagined.  We haven’t even gotten to the nature of the burdensome regulations, the punitive nature of them and how they’re gonna bottleneck the Internet, and how they’re gonna stifle innovation.  And when he writes here, “The commission will discourage private-sector investment and innovation,” why would you invest in a company that’s gonna be more and more regulated by the government?  Why would you invest in such a company when you can’t have any idea what’s gonna happen?  The company’s fortunes are gonna be directly tied to the government’s opinion of it.

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