PETA’S FULL OF SHEETA: PETA Hires Lobbyist to Kill Bill That Would Restrain Their Pet Killing

If you hate PETA you’ll love this post.

The Virginia Senate voted overwhelmingly for a bill that would restrict PETA’s mass killing of dogs and cats at its Norfolk headquarters; but PETA has hired a crack lobbyist in an effort to push for the vote to fail tomorrow in the Virginia House of Delegates.

Senate Bill 1381 would redefine the purpose of a private shelter, requiring these to stress life-saving and adoption. The bill is an effort to thwart PETA’s practice of killing almost every animal surrendered into its care. In 2014, for instance, PETA poisoned over 88% of the dogs and cats taken in.

While the bill stops short of the No Kill legislation that many people would like to see, it’s nevertheless a meaningful local effort to prevent at least some of the slaughter in Norfolk.

The bill seemed certain to pass in the House, as the Senate approved it 33-5. That certainty has evaporated with the revelation that PETA has hired a famous lobbyist to urge Virginia Delegates to vote nay.

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