PIERS MORGAN: Provokes ‘Moderate Muslims’ To Watch ISIS Burn Jordanian Pilot

Published on February 4, 2015

Morgan believes if moderate Muslims watch this abominable video of Muslims killing Muslims, they’ll then take the fight to ISIS.

By Piers Morgan, The Daily Mail

I watched those murderous bastards light up a trail of petrol into a small cage, I watched as Lieutenant Moaz al-Kasabeh caught fire, and I watched as he screamed in horror and burned to death.

It was just as repulsive and sickening as I feared it would be. Truly the worst thing I have ever had to witness, and as a journalist for 30 years I’ve seen a lot of unpleasant things.

But I’m actually glad I watched it.

Glad I saw in real time, on professionally-crafted movie-quality video, exactly what these monsters are capable of.

Glad I know they have no limits, no humanity, no semblance of any kind of soul.

Glad I saw the undisguised joy in their evil little faces as they perpetrated such a despicable act on a fellow human being.

Glad they repeatedly switched the camera shot from blow-torch to their victim’s face so we can be under no illusion what utter sadists they are.

I’m glad about all this because it allows me to feel such uncontrollable rage that no amount of reasonable argument will ever temper it.

And that’s precisely what we all have to feel now towards ISIS and those who support its hideous activities.

We all have to feel the same kind of unquantifiable, collective horror everyone felt when the full scale of the Nazi concentration camps was revealed.

If any Muslim remains in any doubt as to whether this is the right time to stand up and cry ‘NOT IN MY NAME OR MY RELIGION!’ then I suggest they too watch the video of Lieutenant al-Kasabeh being burned alive.

He could be YOU.

This is YOUR war.

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