WUSSIFICATION: ‘Men’s Dresses’ Are New York Fashion Week’s Latest Trend

Published on February 20, 2015

And we wonder why America is getting their butts handed to them in Global Affairs. This is why.

On the catwalk, a knit dress clings to the voluptuous curves of the body, flexing with each sauntering step. Flesh is revealed: a glimpse of the upper thigh – a whole leg perhaps – is undressed for full public view. It’s the look of unadulterated sex that doesn’t belong to a woman this time, but a man.

During New York Fashion Week some of city’s most courageous designers have proposed knit dresses for men. Rather than making a statement about gender neutrality as men’s dresses have before, these ones exploit the male figure for all it’s worth. It’s the male body objectified, celebrated as a thing of lust and desire. And it looked pretty compelling.

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Image: Mitchell Sams