WUSSIFICATION: ‘Men’s Dresses’ Are New York Fashion Week’s Latest Trend

And we wonder why America is getting their butts handed to them in Global Affairs. This is why.

On the catwalk, a knit dress clings to the voluptuous curves of the body, flexing with each sauntering step. Flesh is revealed: a glimpse of the upper thigh – a whole leg perhaps – is undressed for full public view. It’s the look of unadulterated sex that doesn’t belong to a woman this time, but a man.

During New York Fashion Week some of city’s most courageous designers have proposed knit dresses for men. Rather than making a statement about gender neutrality as men’s dresses have before, these ones exploit the male figure for all it’s worth. It’s the male body objectified, celebrated as a thing of lust and desire. And it looked pretty compelling.

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Image: Mitchell Sams


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