THE RELIGION OF PEACE: ISIS Executes 2 ‘Spies’ and CRUCIFIES Another as Young Boys Watch

Published on February 15, 2015

Islam is the skid-mark on the planet’s dirty underwear.

Islamic State has publicly executed two alleged spies and mercilessly crucified another to a road sign in the Syrian city of Al-Bab.

Images have emerged showing two men – bound and dressed in orange jumpsuits – kneeling on the ground as hundreds of jeering insurgents surround them.

Masked men dressed in black have their weapons trained on the captives, while young boys force their way through the crowd to catch a glimpse of the helpless men.

Another picture shows a deceased man hanging from a post with a sign hanging around his neck. The onlookers in the photograph seem unphased by the man’s limp, crucified body.

On Thursday, the extremist group announced it was holding an Israeli-Arab who posed as foreign a fighter to spy for the country’s intelligence agency, Mossad.

Muhammad Musallam, 19, was quoted in Islamic State’s online magazine Dabiq saying he joined the insurgents in Syria to report information about their weapons cashes, bases and recruits back to Israel.

It claims he said: ‘I say to all those who want to spy on the Islamic State, don’t think that you’re so smart and that you can deceive the Islamic State. You won’t succeed at all.

‘Stay away from this path. Stay away from helping the Jews and the murtaddin [apostates]. Follow the right path.’

His cover was blown when he phoned his father back in East Jerusalem, Dabiq claimed.

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