SADIE ROBERTSON: Hollywood Wants Her To Be Quiet About God, But Sadie Says…Uh, No

Despite her life in the limelight, Sadie Robertson is still staying true to her values. The Duck Dynasty star who also made it to the Season Finale of Dancing with the Stars, and is now even walking the runway at New York Fashion Week, isn’t wavering in her beliefs and continuing to shine her light.

Here is an old video of Sadie as a child, where she is straight up preaching:

One of her lines back then was:

“And, and, and, if I was famous, so, I would still love the Lord. I would not just remember about myself. I would love the Lord.”

Sadie definitely seems to be doing that now, as she continues to stay strong in her faith by not compromising in things like waiting until marriage and wearing modest clothing.

She is definitely a true role model for girls, and a breath of fresh air from people like Kim Kardashian or Beyonce.

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