SAMUEL FORREST: Dad Who Kept Down Syndrome Baby Has a Daughter with Same Condition He Hasn’t Talked To Since 2011 from Previous Marriage

Published on February 10, 2015

Samuel Forrest, the dad who went viral for keeping his down syndrome baby after being given an ultimatum by his wife, reportedly has 4 children from a previous marriage, including a daughter he hasn’t seen since 2011 with the same condition.

The father who claims his wife abandoned their newborn son because he has Down syndrome has four other children from a previous marriage, including a girl with the same condition, Daily Mail Australia can reveal.

Samuel Forrest and his wife Ruzan Badalyan split just a week after their son Leo was born with Down syndrome in Armenia on January 21.

Mr Forrest, who says his wife of 18 months abandoned their son because her family were ashamed of his condition, has made global headlines since he started crowd fundraising to bring Leo to his native New Zealand.

More details of Mr Forrest’s background are emerging, including that he left New Zealand four years ago following a messy divorce that saw him lose his three daughters and one son.

His youngest daughter was born with Down syndrome – the same condition affecting three-week-old son Leo.

Mr Forrest, who lived with his wife and children in Whanganui on New Zealand’s north island, was brought up as a member of the Exclusive Brethren church.

He was ex-communicated from the church when he divorced his wife and was banned from seeing his four children, now aged between six and 15 years old.

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