SCALLYWAG AL SHARPTON: Mocks Scott Walker, Wishes ‘Happy Darwin Day’ to MSNBC Viewers

Published on February 14, 2015

Who exactly is Sharpton a Reverend of? Satan?

REVEREND AL SHARPTON: Thanks to you for tuning in. I’m live tonight from the fake Galapagos Island. Happy Darwin Day.

Two hundred and six years ago, Charles Darwin was born. He would develop his theory of evolution from what he saw right here in Galapagos Islands. Yes, we have gone back in time tonight all the way back to 1835 when Darwin discovered the animals that led to his famous theory.

Hey look, there’s the famous Galapagos seals. But back in reality people all over the world are celebrating Darwin`s birthday today. There are over 100 parties across the globe.

In Ohio, they’re wearing Darwin beards, and do 24-hour readings of the The Origin of Species. In North Dakota, you can hang out with a life-sized cutout of the guy. In Portugal, you can even go speed dating with evolutionary biologists.

But one guy who hasn’t RSVP to the parties, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who was asked if he believed in evolution.


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