SNUBBING ISRAEL: WH May Not Send Cabinet-Level Official to Largest Pro-Israel Gathering of Americans

Published on February 24, 2015

And Obama definitely won’t be in attendance either. I wonder how many people they would send to a pro-Islam conference?

The White House confirmed on Monday that President Barack Obama doesn’t plan to attend the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s conference next week, held annually in Washington, D.C., and that no cabinet-level U.S. official is currently scheduled to make an appearance.

The ‘largest gathering of America’s pro-Israel community,’ according to the confab’s organizations, AIPAC draws a crowd of roughly 14,000 attendees, many of whom are of Jewish heritage.

The last time Obama showed up at the conference was in 2012 as he stared down reelection. Typically, a high-level administration official represents the U.S. at the mass gathering.

But this year, supporters of Israel, a close ally of the U.S., may not receive that courtesy from the administration with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu set to make an in-person appearance.

The president is refusing to meet with Netanyahu during his visit so that he does not appear to be endorsing the Israeli leader less than two weeks before his country heads to the polls.

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