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THE REAL BREAKING BAD: Maraschino Cherry Company Owner Kills Himself After Cops Find His Breaking Bad-style Drug Lab

This is the stuff you think doesn’t really go down. Arthur Mondella cooperated with police who discovered the drug lab for five hours before he killed himself.

The owner of a maraschino cherry company shot himself dead on Tuesday as police broke into a secret drug lab hidden behind the factory walls.

Company president Arthur Mondella, 57, had cooperated with investigators for five hours who were at Dell’s Maraschino Cherries factory in Brooklyn, New York over allegations the generations-old, family business had been dumping hazardous waste.

Investigators reportedly came across suspicious shelving in a storage unit – then behind a door found a false wall with the smell of weed seeping through.

The entrance to a dug-out basement was then found, with three bags of marijuana inside.

According to the NY Post, generators were found inside the factory along with a high-tech security outfit of dozens of cameras, barbed wire and motion-detector lights.

Mondella then excused himself to go to his private bathroom, locked the door and shot himself at 1.30pm, a law enforcement source told Daily Mail Online.

Before committing suicide, the third-generation cherry tycoon told his sister who was present, Joanne Capece, to ‘take care of my kids’.

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