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WHAT IF…Two White Chicks Beat And Stuffed Latex Gloves In The Mouth Of An Old Black Woman?

Where is the outrage for this? Please forward to Al Sharpton and Obama.

A family has been awarded a million dollar payout after shocking undercover footage revealed their mother was being abused in her care home.

Eryetha Mayberry, 96, had dementia and was living at Quail Creek Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Oklahoma when her daughters Doris, Earlene and Sandra suspected that caretakers were stealing from her.

They installed hidden cameras that collected footage of employees manhandling the grandmother by shoving latex gloves into her mouth and hitting her head.

After seeing the footage, the family filed a civil lawsuit, and Friday the nursing home was found guilty of negligence, and the family was awarded $1.2 million in compensation, according to Fox23.

Gakunga has since been convicted for abuse by caretaker and Kaseke still has warrant for her arrest.

A few months after the footage surfaced, Mayberry passed away in July 2012.

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