WIDOW OF CHAD LITTLEFIELD: Remarried with a Baby, Father Says, ‘It’s a Real Blessing’

Published on February 27, 2015

Thoughts? Do you think this was too soon? Or would he want her to be happy? The widow’s father reveals what a blessing this is.

The widow of Chad Littlefield, the friend of American Sniper Chris Kyle who was gunned down at his side, has found happiness two years after the horrific events at Rough Creek shooting range.

As Eddie Ray Routh, 26, begins his life sentence for the murders of Littlefield, 35, and Kyle, 38, who he shot in February 2012, Daily Mail Online can reveal that Leanne Littlefield has remarried and that she and new husband, Texas Ranger Jason Bobo, welcomed their first child, a son, Alex, just last month.

Speaking to Daily Mail Online Leanne’s father, retired firefighter Thomas Montgomery told of the family’s gratitude at his daughter’s second chance at happiness after such devastation, describing her new life as ‘a blessing.’

He said: ‘She feels very happy with her new life. She’s remarried and re-located. We feel like it’s just a real blessing.’

He explained that the family’s main focus has been on protecting and shielding Leanne and Chad’s daughter, Morgan, now 8, from the details of the case as played out in Stephenville Courthouse across the past two weeks.

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