WILD GANG OF TEEN GIRLS: Terrorize Grocery Store, Chugging Alcohol and Leaving One Shopper Hospitalized

Published on February 17, 2015

These teen girls are starting their liberal activism careers early.

Five teenagers were caught on camera running amok in a California grocery store in the middle of last Wednesday afternoon.

The four girls and one boy reportedly did not steal anything, but instead ‘terrorized the store,’ dumping food items into the aisles and at one point chugging a bottle of alcohol, Marysville police told KTXL.

After entering the Save Mart store around 1:40 p.m., the group prowled the shopping lanes screaming profanities and at one point dumped a bottle of cooking oil into the aisle that caused a 64-year-old veteran to slip and fall.

The shocking act of vandalism was allegedly carried out by the rampaging girls as revenge for the owners calling the cops on them two days previous when they were causing a nuisance in the store.

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