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ANTI-CHRISTIAN BIGOTS: Christian Group Kicked Off Campus For Ridiculous Reason

This is backwards liberal thinking all summed up in this ridiculous decision to shut down this Christian club on campus.

California State University at Stanislaus has decided to stop recognizing a Christian student organization because the group requires that members of their leadership are Christian.

The CSUS chapter of Chi Alpha is a religious-based service group that leads worship services, Bible studies, and prayer in addition to community and campus services. CSUS Associate Vice President Tim Lynch claims that the group violates a “California State university system wide executive order,” by insisting that Chi Alpha leaders are Christian.

Bianca Travis, president of Chi Alpha says, “How could someone lead you in a prayer to a God that they don’t even believe in? That’s why we feel like this is so unfair and how it doesn’t make sense how anyone could try to lead a group that they don’t believe their mission…We have lost so many opportunities to reach our campus and be a part of the campus community and be a part of the school we love in general…I don’t feel like that attending a college university should cost me my faith.”

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